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Introducing the all-new Stealth Air Pro Jacket

Combining the best of both worlds, the Stealth Air Pro Jacket is equipped with full-length ADV touring protection and also best-in-class maximum ventilation.


  • Shoulder and Elbow – Safe-Tech (Italian) CE Level 2 protectors, certified to standard EN 1621-1:2012 (T+/T-) Type A
  • Back – Safe-Tech (Italian) CE Level 2 protector, with superior coverage, certified to standard EN1621-2:2014
  • Chest – Powertector (South Korean) CE Level 2 chest protectors certified to standard prEN-1621-3:2018 Type A (New for 2022)


  • Super Ventilated Outer Shell: Lightweight and sturdy 3D mesh with dual-fold knit
  • Heavy Duty Outer Shell – Abrasion resistant 600D PU coated polyester
  • Reinforced Slide Zones – Invista 1000D Cordura® panels at shoulders and elbows
  • Safety Stitch System – Reinforced dual stitching on slide zones
  • Converts to a Suit – Jacket-to-pants connection zipper. Prevents the jacket from riding up in a slide


  • Increased Low Light Visibility – Retro-reflective panels
  • Increased Day Time Visibility –  Hi-viz green color trims


  • Fit – Dualsport ADV touring fit
  • Lower Back Support Belt – Removable ventilated lumbar support belt (Lumbar Support sold Separately)
  • Magnetic Zipper – The magnetised zipper contains a base with two magnets that will naturally come together. Once the two parts of the base are connected and the zip is pulled up, they will be held strongly together in place
  • Cushioned Comfort – Soft Neoprene trims on collar and cuffs, prevent chafing of the skin
  • Fit Modulation – Girth adjusters on the waist, arms and cuffs
  • Custom Developed Girth Adjustor Fittings – Improved load bearing performance. Ergonomic design. Ease of fit modulation
  • Custom Developed Micro Velcro Closures – No chafing on skin. Sleek design. Stronger performance.
  • DWR Shell – Durable Water Resistant coated polyester shell. Keeps you dry in light showers.
  • Cargo Capacity – 2 side pockets + 1 back pocket + 1 stash pocket + 2 pockets + 1 back pocket for hydration bladder


  • 2L Hydration Pack Compatible Pocket (Hydration bladder not included with the Jacket)



Under our MODULAYER system, you can now choose to buy just the riding jacket or all the layers together, as per your specific usage pattern. Choose your weather protection from our range of MODULAYER jackets.





  • With the purchase of the Stealth Air Pro Jacket, you get a complimentary accident insurance cover of INR 50,000/- for 1 year, from Rynox!
  • To know how to register for the Rynox Wingman personal accident insurance, visit RYNOX website


  • Primary jacket shell (1 unit)
  • Shoulder protectors (2 units)
  • Elbow protectors (2 units)
  • Back protector (1 unit)
  • Chest protectors (2 Units)


  • The Stealth Air Pro Jacket has a warranty of 6 months from the date of purchase/delivery.
  • To know the warranty policy of Rynox in detail, visit RYNOX website
  • .Step 1 – Prep
    • Remove all impact protectors
    • Undo all zippers, Velcro and buckles
    • Shake off any surface dirt
    • Use a soft brush if required

    Step 2 – Which Detergent?

    • Use (in order of preference)
    • Purpose-made tech-wash
    • Neutral unscented liquid detergent
    • Woolen liquid detergent
    • Baby shampoo

    Completely Avoid

    • Any type of granular powder detergent
    • Any type of heavily scented liquid detergent

    Step 3 – Soak

    • Dissolve 1 cap of detergent per garment, in a bucket of lukewarm water
    • Soak for at least 30 minutes
    • Avoid hot water. Test with your fingers first. If it’s too hot for your fingers, it’s too hot for your gear.

    Step 4 – Wash and Rinse

    • Agitate and scrub with your hands
    • Focus on spots with grease and grime
    • Repeat until clean
    • Rinse multiple times until free of detergent
    • Avoid using hard, abrasive brushes. Use a soft brush if required

    Step 5 – Let Dry and Store

    • Put on a hanger and let dry in a cool ventilated shaded area
    • Once dry, store in a cool, ventilated moisture-free place, away from house-dust
    • Do not wring. Do not tumble dry. Do not iron. Do not bleach. Do not expose to direct sunlight while drying.
  • What is the difference between the Stealth Evo 3 jacket and the Stealth Air Pro jacket?
  • Stealth Evo 3 jacket is a part of our flagship Evo series and the Stealth Air Pro is a part of our Pro series. Both are designed for long-term touring or expedition rides. The Stealth Evo 3 jacket is a full textile jacket with an adjustable ventilation design that can be switched on or off based on the climatic condition. The Stealth Air Pro is primarily a mesh touring/adventure jacket with a non-adjustable ventilation design. Both jackets come with CE Level 2 certified protectors in the shoulders, chest, elbow and back. Stealth Evo, comes with our Flagship protector option- Knox Microlock that comes with 5 years warranty. Choosing between the Stealth Evo 3 and the Stealth Air Pro comes down to the dominant weather conditions in the primary terrain you plan to ride in through the year. The Stealth Evo 3 is better suited for riding in cooler climates, whereas the Stealth Air Pro is better suited for riding in hot and humid climates.
  • Which pants is the Stealth Air Pro Jacket compatible with?
  • All Rynox jackets are compatible with all Rynox pants. Functionally, this jacket is primarily compatible with all Rynox protective riding pants. The jacket has a connection zipper that lets you connect it to any Rynox protective riding pants. This connection virtually converts the jacket and pants into a riding suit. In case you go down in a slide, this feature prevents the jacket from riding up your torso, and gives you sustained abrasion resistance.
  • Is the Stealth Air Pro Jacket waterproof?
  • The Stealth Air Pro Jacket is not waterproof. The jacket has mesh panels which are optimised for use in warm and dry climates. For riding in the rain, we recommend our MODULAYER H2Go Rain Jacket, which is purpose-built for motorcycling and is rated for water resistance up to 10,000mm rainfall.
  • Does this product come with a jacket cover?
  • Our purpose-built Jacket Cover Pro is available for purchase separately. It’s the perfect solution to organise, store or travel with your jacket and protectors.
  • Is the Stealth Air Pro Jacket unisex?
  • All our jackets are primarily sized and shaped to be worn by men. Having said that, over the years our jackets have also been worn by many women, and we have received positive feedback from them. If you’re considering purchasing this product as/for a woman, we will highly recommend referring to the size chart and comparing it with actual body measurements before purchase.

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