Ride Marshal Saddle Bag (NEW VERSION)


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Main compartments :- 17’’L x 11’’H x 9’’B, 54 Liters combined
Flap Compartments :- L8’’ x B2’’ x H5’’, 2.6L combined.
Front Pockets :- H10’’ x B 2’’ x L 12’’, 6.54Liters combined.
Bottle Pockets :- W 4’’ x H 9’’ x L 9’’, 10.6 Liters combined
Roll top height : – 11’’
Inner flap compartments :- H11’’ x B 8’’ :- 2.88 Liters combined.
Total capacity ;_ 76.62 Liters combined
Product Materials : –
Base Fabric :- 1000D ully coated nylonFabric

Inner Lining : – Water resistant Taffeta

Outer Base : – Polyester backed PVC Fabric

Dust Covers : – Ully coated nylon fabric

Reflective : – 3m Scotchlite Tape

Zippers :- YKK

Thread : – High quality made in India 6 ply pure Nylon quartz thread.

Belts : – Industrial grade 1000kg breaking strength Indian made pure nylon narrow woven fabric.

Inner Liners : – Heat sealed PVC waterproof Inner Liners

Padding’s : –
Top Flap : – Hard casing Fiber

Central Part : – Hard Casing Fiber

Front and Back : – Hard casing fiber with 5mm+ 10mm expanded polyethylene foam on both side fixed firmly with araldite chemical solution.

Product Description :-
Ever wished for that one perfect bag which could fit on all your bikes, be comfortable for your pillion, detachable /adjustable? Invictus has the perfect solution for you! Introducing the unique INVICTUS detachable saddle bags!! With a combined capacity of 76.62 Liters it is the biggest capacity bag in the market currently with detachable adjusting straps.

Salient Features :-
4 point adjustable system for both over the seat and under the seat use, compatible with the Invictus memory foam seat, 4 point system enables you to adjust bag as per exhaust and saddle stay types.
2 front foot peg straps to eliminate upward and front back displacement
Easily accessible outer and inner flap compartments with one outer flap compartment containing a complementary first aid kit.
Velcro strip on the inner flap side for printing personal details, blood group ICE numbers etc. ( this part has been intentionally placed inside for 2 main reasons, first to keep it protected from water, heat, wear and tear etc so if and when it is required contents will be visible and 2nd not all riders are comfortable displaying their personal details openly)

Extra long back straps to make sure the bag does not displace towards the rider on off roads.
All strap lengths have been designed keeping in mind locally made modifications having not more than 3’’ distance between saddle stay and tyre’s.
Hard casing fiber padding on the base and reinforced hard casing and expanded polyethylene combined padding on the front and back for the perfect and long lasting shape retention.
Roll top mechanism compatible with aftermarket / online available internal dry bag liners.
Water resistant fabric internal lining, waterproof 1000 D Nylon fabric base material.
Ully coater premium fabric for roll top and flaps.
External luggage loading moll pack mechanism on the flaps for bigger luggage’s like tents , sleeping bags etc.
Fuel carrying pockets on the safest possible place on the bike in case of crash or fuel getting displaced.
2 type strapping system under the seat straps for pillion comfort as well as 4 point over the seat strapping.
PVC base on entire base and partially on the back to protect from water, dirt, stones and rear shock absorbers wear and tear.
To prevent the bag from going to and fro on off roads and corners a unique 4 point D ring attachments have been provided on all 4 front corners of the bag as openings for tie ups.

The Thinking Behind
About the Detachable Saddle Bags :-
The thinking behind it :-

Initially it was to made specifically for RE Himalayan to be used with saddle stays. After initial testing’s we realized that with some minor modifications we could fit the bag with any bike with extreme upswing exhaust , moderate upswing, straight exhaust.

With a good feedback for our Ride Marshall variant we then decided to make a same smaller, detachable, adjustable variant for those who felt that the Ride Marshall was either too big or not compatible with their bikes or riding styles. So began the working behind a bag which would be big enough, stiff, saddle stay compatible be it standard company, after market or locally made.

The first challenge was the shape.. it had to be unique different than what was already available in the markets durable and stable.. the standard shape had time and again proved to be the perfect choice for long touring crowd so we decided to stick with it.

After the shape comes the strapping part, we decided that the 2 point double locking straps were not enough to hold the weight that can be loaded in a 76 Liters bag especially due to the jerry can pockets which can weigh approx. 5-6kg with the petrol.. We therefore decided on adding the central strap with the same functions to keep the stability centered on the bike seat part and not let it get displaced on the heavier outside luggage mounting mechanisms.

All 3 straps may not go under the bike seat, usually we found that the front and the back nearly always fit perfectly the central strap can then be used as a secondary fitting not always necessary but recommended. As per our trials split seat bikes like Himalayan and Dominar could accommodate all 3 straps under the seat and would give the perfect superbike type offroader look.





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