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Introducing the Navigator Series – Adventure Motorcycle Luggage System!

The Navigator Tail Bag 50L is our most advanced bag yet, made from materials developed primarily for use by tactical forces and white water rafting.

Designed and developed with emphasis on tactical functionality and more importantly reliable durability, the Navigator Tail Bag 50L is a versatile bag purpose built for adventure riding and long distance touring.

Product Details


  • Cargo Volume –  50 Ltr
  • Modular Organisation –  3 stormproof roll-top dry bags included for organisation of main compartment*
  • Dry Bags Volume –  48 Ltr (24+12+12)
  • MOLLE System –  MOLLE panel on top compatible with MOLLE accessories*
  • Helmet Holder –  Attach helmet to the bag in backpack mode*
  • Easy Access –  Wide top-loading U-shaped zippered access to main compartment
  • Add Cargo –  Expandable top flap to carry additional cargo
  • 4 cargo pockets
  • 2 mesh pockets


  • Compatibility – Universal
  • Zero Displacement Mounting – 4 quick-release mounting straps (2 front, 2 rear) with easy to use G-hooks
  • Versatile Mounting System – Mount on seat, subframe, chassis or other fixed points on the motorcycle
  • Independent Compression System – Access cargo independently without needing to loosen the mounting straps
  • Backpack Mode – Converts into a backpack with tuck-away straps*
  • Short Hauls – 3 strategically placed grab handle
  • Invista Cordura Outer Shell – Highly durable 1000D Invista Cordura with PU coating; resistant to abrasion, tears and scuffs
  • Shape Retention – EVA laminated semi-rigid panels help to retain the bag’s shape, making it more  stable on the motorcycle
  • Internal Dry Bags – Made from DWP (Double Ripstop Water Resistant Polyester)
  • Heat Sealed Seams – Precision heat sealed seams prevent ingress of water into the dry bags*
  • Increased Visibility – NOCTEX retro-reflective panels light-up when light from oncoming vehicles hits them after dark*. This makes the bag, and you, highly visible from the back, left or right.
  • Muck Cover – with elasticated hems for a snug fit
  • Genuine YKK – zippers, buckles and D-rings
  • Custom Developed G-Hooks – Improved load bearing performance. Ergonomic design. Ease of mounting.
  • Tail Bag – 1 Unit
  • Dry Bags – 2 Units (12 Ltr) + 1 Unit (24 Ltr)
  • Muck Cover – 1 Unit
  • Mounting G-hook Straps – 2 Units (Left Front or Right Rear) + 2 Units (Right Front or Left Rear)
  • Mounting Loop Straps – 4 Units
  • Do not use the helmet holder (do not hang a helmet in the helmet holder) when the Navigator Tail Bag 50L is mounted on the motorcycle
  • Do not use the helmet holder as a handle to pick up the bag
  • The MOLLE panel on the Navigator Tail Bag 50L is intended to be used only with purpose-built MOLLE compatible accessories. Using the MOLLE panel with non-compatible accessories is not recommended.
  • For optimum stormproof performance of the internal dry bags, it is imperative to fold the roll-top minimum 3 times. The internal dry bags are not rated for protection from water ingress when submerged under water. The dry bags are intended to be used only as internal organisers or packing organisers and not as stand-alone independent bags.
  • The Navigator Tail Bag 50L comes with a muck cover. This cover is intended to keep the shell of the Navigator free of muck, dust and grime. The job of keeping your stuff dry is done by the internal detachable stormproof drybags.
  • The intended application of the tuck-away backpack straps is to make it easier to carry the Navigator Tail Bag 50L only on short hauls, for eg, from where the motorcycle is parked to your tent or your hotel room. The Navigator Tail Bag 50L is not intended to be used as a backpack for long hauls, for eg, on treks or backpacking trips. Using the Navigator Tail Bag 50L in backpack mode when riding a motorcycle is not recommended.
  • The coating of microscopic retro-reflectors on the NOCTEX fabric may be prone to rubbing off if it comes in contact with another object/material. This does not reduce the retro-reflective performance of the NOCTEX panels. NOCTEX panels are not covered under warranty.


  • The Navigator Tail Bag 50L has a warranty of 1 year from the date of purchase/delivery
  • Retro-reflectives panels and trims are not covered under warranty


Step 1 – Prep

  • Undo all zippers, velcro, straps and buckles
  • Separate all detachable drybag/s and/or layers (wash each drybag/layer separately)
  • Shake off any surface dirt
  • Use a soft brush if required
  • Wipe clean with a damp microfiber cloth

Step 2 – Which Detergent?

  • Use (in order of preference)
  • Purpose-made tech-wash
  • Neutral unscented liquid detergent
  • Woollen liquid detergent
  • Baby shampoo
  • Completely Avoid
  • Any type of granular powder detergent
  • Any type of heavily scented liquid detergent
  • Any type of fabric softener or bleach

Step 3 – Soak

  • Dissolve 1 to 2 caps of detergent in a bucket of water, per unit of luggage
  • Soak for at least 30 minutes
  • Avoid hot water. Test with the back of your hand. If it’s too hot for your hand, it’s too hot for your luggage.

Step 4 – Wash and Rinse

  • Agitate and scrub within your hands, inside and outside.
  • Focus on spots with grease and grime
  • Repeat until clean
  • Rinse multiple times until free of detergent
  • Avoid using hard, abrasive brushes. Use a soft brush if required.

Step 5 – Drip Dry

  • Drip dry. Place upside-down to let water drip out.
  • Once dry on the outside, turn bag inside-out and let dry
  • Do not machine dry. Do not use a hair dryer or any type of heater during the drying process.
  • Do not expose to direct sunlight.

Step 6 – Storage

  • Store in a cool dry ventilated place, away from direct sunlight.
  • Do not store while damp or wet. Dry completely before storage.
  • Clean thoroughly before long-term storage
  • https://youtu.be/wrBDnfBNqr




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