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Introducing the Helium GT Gloves .

Our lightest gloves yet, with best-in-class ventilation, without compromising on protection.

The Helium gloves are the perfect for city commutes and highway rides.


  • Scaphoid Bone –TPR scaphoid bone protector for active impact protection
  • Knuckle – PVC moulded knuckle with HD foam backing for active impact protection
  • Finger Joints – TPR tabs


  • Heavy Duty Durable Chassis – Made from premium soft suede leather and 2 way stretch knitted material
  • Reinforced Protection – Suede leather panels at abrasion zones
  • Silicone panel – High friction Silicone panel on fingers for maximum grip


  • Helium GT Gloves have a warranty of 6 months from the date of purchase/delivery.
  • Fit – Cuff length, comfort fit
  • Zero Wear In Required – Pre-curved fingers
  • Fit Modulation – Girth adjusters on wrist
  • Ventilation – Lightweight and sturdy knitted material


  • Ease of Access – Touch screen friendly TapFingertips™ on the index finger and thumb


  • With the purchase of the Helium GT Gloves, you get a complimentary accident insurance cover of INR 50,000/- for 1 year, from Rynox!
  • To know how to register for the Rynox Wingman personal accident insurance visit Rynox website


Helium GT Gloves have a warranty of 6 months from the date of purchase/delivery.

  • To know the warranty policy of Rynox in detail, visit Rynox website


Step 1 – Prep

  • Undo all buttons, Velcro and buckles
  • Shake off any surface dirt
  • Wipe clean with a damp microfiber cloth
  • Dissolve 1 cap of detergent in a bucket of water, per pair of gloves
  • Soak for at least 30 minutes
  • Avoid hot water. Test with your fingers first. If it’s too hot for your fingers, it’s too hot for your gear.

Step 2 – Which Detergent?

  • Use (in order of preference)
  • Purpose-made tech-wash
  • Neutral unscented liquid detergent
  • Woolen liquid detergent
  • Baby shampoo
  • Completely Avoid
  • Any type of granular powder detergent
  • Any type of heavily scented liquid detergent

Step 3 – Wash and Rinse

  • Wear the gloves and dip your hands in the bucket
  • As if you’re washing your hands, scrub the gloves together
  • Focus on spots with grease and grime
  • Repeat until clean
  • Rinse multiple times until free of detergent
  • Avoid using hard, abrasive brushes. Use a soft brush if required.

Step 4 – Flat Dry

  • Lay the gloves flat over a towel, in a well ventilated area.
  • For leather gloves, during the drying process, put the gloves on at regular intervals, and flex your fingers and wrists.
  • This is important for leather gloves to retain the shape and fit of your hands.
  • Do not hang dry. Do not expose to direct sunlight while drying.

Step 5 – Condition

  • Once completely dry, gently rub leather conditioner over leather panels
  • Lay flat over a towel to allow the leather to absorb the conditioner
  • Repeat as required. Wipe off any excess conditioner with a microfiber cloth.
  • Skip this step for textile or mesh gloves/panels

Step 6 – Storage

  • Store in a cool dry ventilated place, away from direct sunlight.
  • Do not store while damp or wet. Dry completely before storage.
  • Clean thoroughly before long-term storage.

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